​Lip Injections

Whether you were born with thin lips, they flattened out over time, or you’d simply like to improve the size and shape of your lips, the doctors at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida, can help. When you’re ready for a long-lasting solution to temporary injectable dermal fillers, the doctors offer a lip implant that’s permanent and achieves natural results.

Lip Enhancer Q & A


Who can benefit from lip enhancement?

The simple answer is that anyone who would like fuller lips can benefit from lip enhancement, but people choose this procedure for a variety of reasons. Some are simply born with thin lips and as adults, they decide to improve on what nature never gave them.

Lip enhancement can also help those whose lips have changed over time. As you get older, lips tend to change, appearing deflated as they get thinner and flatter — a change that’s often more noticeable in upper lips than lower lips. The appearance of your lips also changes as muscles and underlying supportive tissues lose tone, which can make lips longer or droopy.

What are the advantages of Perma Facial Implant™ lip enhancement?

Lip enhancement can be accomplished with several different procedures that reshape or enlarge your lips. A surgical lip lift is 1 option to consider. You can also get an injectable dermal filler to plump up lips, but that’s only temporary and the procedure must be repeated every 6-9 months to maintain the impact.

Strax Rejuvenation offers another choice: Perma Facial Implant, which enhances the size and shape of your lips using a permanent implant. The implant is made from a soft silicone that won’t break or deflate, yet doesn’t interfere with lip movement and produces a naturally contoured appearance.

The doctor will consider your desired results, as well as the overall size and shape of your face, to choose an implant size that achieves the most aesthetic results. While the implant is intended to be permanent, it can be removed if you want to change the way you look in the future.

What should you expect after an implant procedure?

After surgery to insert the implant, you can expect some swelling, tenderness, and possibly some bruising, which usually subside within 1 week. If you’re prone to bruising, your doctor may recommend oral or topical treatments that help prevent bruising after surgery. Pain or discomfort usually diminish within the first 24-48 hours, although your lips may be sensitive for about 2 weeks.

The results are immediate, but you’ll need to wait for any swelling to go away before you’ll be able to see the full impact of your new lip implants. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your lips, don’t hesitate to contact Strax Rejuvenation and schedule a consultation — the doctors will be glad to answer your questions and talk about lip enhancement options.

*Individual Results May Vary